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Lydia Pinkham Liquid

Lydia Pinkham Herbal Compound is a product with a very interesting history. Though it is sold today at a variety of popular discount pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid as well as online, it was originally created back in the 1800s by an enterprising woman named Lydia Estes Pinkham, who sold it under the name Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.

Back in the days when there were few doctors and not much medical knowledge, many women took it upon themselves to study herbal remedies for a variety of common complaints. Lydia Pinkham suffered from devastating cramps and other menstrual problems and devised a tonic for herself that she often gave out to friends and acquaintances, and when her husband lost his job and her family fell on hard economic times, she started selling it.

The business that started in her kitchen grew to an enormous operation, and though it is no longer in business, a formula that is very similar is sold today under the name Lydia Pinkham Herbal Compound. Recent reports have indicated that it can be helpful to woman who want to have a girl.

The ingredients are: Motherwort, which helps with cramps; Gentian, which stimulates menstruation; Jamaican Dogwood, which helps with ovarian and menstrual pain, Pleurisy Root which has anti-inflammatory properties and stops muscle cramps; Licorice, which does the same but is also a laxative, Black Cohosh which is used for menopausal symptoms and can stimulate menstruation, and dandelion, which is a diuretic.

Together these ingredients seem like a good answer to menopausal and menstrual symptoms, and it is also understandable why the original medication was reputed to have a "Baby in every Bottle," as anything that regulates ovulation would obviously be a help for women trying to get pregnant.

Lydia Pinkham Herbal Liquid Supplement

Although the ingredients in the Lydia Pinkham tonic were specifically designed to help women with reproductive problems ranging from menstrual cramps to menopause to infertility,
recently there has been a lot of buzz about the possibility that the mixture of natural ingredient may also help with infertility problems, and specifically helps women who are trying to get pregnant with a girl to achieve their goal.

Most of the information regarding the gender results has been anecdotal, exchanged on fertility web blogs and forums including ingender. Though the manufacturers make no claims about the reasons for the number of girls who have reportedly been conceived by women taking the product, experts in fertility and gender selection have examined the ingredients to figure out the mystery.

They have come to the conclusion that the base of the liquid is very acidic, and it is well-documented that an acidic environment in the mother's reproductive system (as compared to an alkaline environment) is favorable to female sperm and tends to kill the male sperm.

The other explanation that is offered is that the ingredient black cohosh is known to have a positive impact on an imbalance in estrogen levels. It is important to note that if you are going to use this supplement, you should take it every day from the first day you menstruate up until the day you ovulate; then you should stop, because the black cohosh can cause uterine contractions, which would increase the likelihood of miscarriage.

Lydia Pinkham

Lydia Pinkham Ingredients

The ingredients that are used in the Lydia Pinkham Herbal Compound are very similar to the ingredients used in the original recipe, which was designed for treating menstrual cramps, menstrual irregularities, and was said to be a fertility aid. Continued below....