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Many women have secret wishes about what gender baby they will have when they are getting ready to get pregnant. Although wanting the baby to be healthy is universal, there is nothing wrong with having a preference; some women have had pictures in their mind of their ideal family since they were little girls!

But many of these women or families are made to feel guilty, because people mistakenly interpret their preference as thinking of a child of the other gender as inferior. They choose to stay quiet and keep their hopes silent, which is not psychologically healthy, and everybody knows that stress can have a negative impact on your chances of getting pregnant.

One woman who felt this shame and loneliness while hoping for a girl has created a website called Ingender, that is devoted to helping woman sort out the different methods, both technical and natural, that are available, as well as to provide them with a place to go where they can share their emotions, hopes and disappointments with other like-minded women.

Ingender X and Y University

For women who are wondering not only
how to conceive a girl or boy specifically, but also if it is morally wrong for them to want to do so, the Ingender site offers what they refer to as X and Y University. This tab offers valuable information on everything from how conception works and what the unique characteristics of male and female sperm are, but also goes into scientific explanations of various technologies available, and the ethics of gender selection.

It provides a glossary of fertility terms and even provides the statistics on boy vs girl births so that you know exactly what the odds are of having the gender baby you want with and without intervention.

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Ingender Gender Methods

Another tab on the Ingender site deals with the different methods available to couples who are interested in manipulating the gender of their child.

Split into two main sections, the website explains in detail natural methods that address the timing people should use when trying to have a baby, the foods that should be eaten, and even the positions that should be used in order to maximize your chances of having a boy or a girl.

It also looks at high tech gender selection methods including Microsort sperm sorting. These methods all require the assistance of a physician, and can be expensive.

The Gender Methods tab even offers information on products that are available for purchase and on adoption resources so that couples can adopt a child that matches their gender preference.

Ingender Forums

Perhaps one of the
most valuable resources that the Ingender website makes available to its readers is its forum page.

For women who are trying to get pregnant with either a boy or a girl, there are very few people that they can speak to about their preference for a child of a specific sex. Though many of them have very good reasons for wanting a boy or a girl (such as a woman with three sons who wants to have a daughter, or a family who wants to have a boy to carry on a family name), it is politically incorrect and seen as socially unacceptable to express a desire one way or another; you're just supposed to want the baby to be healthy.

The forum pages provide links to blogs written by other women who are in the same boat, a live chat opportunity, and even photos of gender identifying ultrasounds from women who have used the methods discussed on the website successfully.

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