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How To Have A Baby Boy (Or Girl)

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Once you've made the decision that you're going to have a baby, it's pretty hard to keep your mind from racing ahead; after all, having a baby is just about the most future-facing thing a couple can do! Like most people, you find yourself anticipating the day you'll find out that you're pregnant, how you'll tell your friends and family, how you'll decorate the baby's room - all of these things before you even start trying!

Inevitably you are going to wonder whether you'll have a boy or girl. Some people don't care one way or another, and just want a healthy baby. Some people have a preference that is based on nothing more than their picture of what their ideal family looks like. But other people have significant reasons for wanting to determine the gender of their child; some of these reasons may be related to health, to the gender of the children who they already have had, or even the idea of carrying on a family name. Whether it is for fun or something more serious, there are actually several methods that can help you determine whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl.

How To Have a Baby Boy or Girl

In order to understand why the different methods of determining the gender of your baby work, you need to understand how conception works. When ovulation occurs, an egg is released and is penetrated by a single sperm. Once that sperm penetrates the egg and fertilizes it, no other sperm are able to break through; the process is complete.

Sperm is the determining factor in a baby's gender because each individual sperm carries either a male or female chromosome, while the egg is only female. By controlling the number of female or male sperm that are able to get near to the egg, you increase or decrease the chances of having a baby of that gender.

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How To Have A Baby Boy Naturally

Understanding the environmental factors that are most friendly to male and female sperm provides the scientifically based methods that have proven to be very accurate when it comes to trying to get pregnant with a specifically-gendered child.

These approaches revolve around the timing of intercourse, the pH of the cervical mucus, the father's sperm count, the diet of both the mother and the father around the time of conception, and actual position used while trying to conceive. Each of these truly does have an impact on the number of male or female sperm that meet the egg during ovulation, and that is why controlling each of these factors does have an impact on whether you conceive a boy or a girl.

How To Have a Baby Boy Naturally

If you are most interested in
how to have a baby boy, then it is important for you to know that male sperm are generally faster than the females, but are also weaker.

Trying to conceive at the point in the ovulation cycle when the egg has just been released gives the male sperm's speed the advantage, leaving the slower female sperm behind. Conversely, if you have tried a few days before ovulation, the males are more likely to have died out, leaving a greater number of female sperm present to fertilize the egg.

Similarly, the cervical mucus tends to be more alkaline on the day that the egg is released; this environment is also more male friendly, as female sperm tend to thrive more in an acidic environment.

Other efforts to maximize the number of male sperm include having the man wear looser underwear so as not to have too much heat, which kills off the weaker male sperm, and having the mother eat potassium-rich foods like meat and bananas, because some scientists believe that the mineral increases the male sperm's attraction to the egg.

How To Have A Baby Boy