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Carol Carson is an author and expert on gender selection, which is the science of adjusting inputs in order to impact the gender of a baby prior to conception.

By doing careful research and compiling a variety of medical reports, Carol has assembled a tremendous body of information to help couples who want to have control over the sex of their child.

Her program can be found on the website, and Ms. Carson promises that couples who use her methods have experienced a ninety eight percent success rate.

Carol Carson Gender Selection

One of the important points that Carol Carson makes in her books is that responsibility for your child's life begins long before he or she is even conceived.

Carol points out that considering the amount of money that you will be investing in raising your child over the 18 years that you are responsible for him or her makes it imperative that you do all of the advance planning you possibly can so that there are no surprises.

She says that choosing your child's gender and learning how to have a baby boy or girl, whichever is your preference, is the first step of responsibility for any parent. Otherwise, you are just leaving your child's future up to chance.

Carol Carson E-Book

Carol Carson has compiled an abundance of information of how to have a baby boy or girl, and the ebook that she has written that provides all of the information in easy, step-by-step instructions is available for immediate download for just $39.97.

But she doesn't stop there; her interest in the care and well-being of children born through her program extends to such a degree that she also includes several bonuses that will be of tremendous value to parents throughout the course of their child's life.

The bonus books include Secrets of How to Grow Tall Kids, which she says provides answers that can be used on anybody up through the age of forty, and a book on How to Wipe Out Pregnancy Weight Gain.

For those couples who use her tips on getting pregnant with a boy but then find out they are unable to get pregnant at all, she has a book on potency for men and easy childbirth for women, there's a book on getting your baby to sleep through the night, a book on increasing a woman's breast size in a short amount of time, a book on hidden G-Spots, a book of baby names, and more after that.

She even includes special reports on PMS, Menopause, male orgasm's impact on gender selection, and a guide to morning sickness. Carol Carson is clearly one of the most prolific writers on topics having to do with parenting and childbirth.

Carol Carson Gender Selection

Carol Carson Choose Your Baby's Gender

A quick tour of the website reveals a great deal about Carol Carson's method of gender selection. There is obviously an enormous amount of information in her ebook for couples who want to know how to have a baby boy or girl, because the list of items that the book's description covers includes everything from diet to sexual position to secret techniques that have been used by royalty over the years in order to ensure that they have male offspring to inherit the throne and lead their countries.

Carol Carson's e-book is titled The Ultimate Guide to Baby Gender Selection: What Every Person Should Know before Having Children, and it is a very comprehensive collection of information, some of which you are not likely to find anywhere else.

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