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There are a variety of different methods available to couples who want to influence the gender of their baby.

Some are extremely technical and require intervention within a laboratory or hospital setting. These methods are highly effective, but are also very expensive and have some ethical drawbacks.

For couples who are less technically inclined, there are other methods which cost a lot less money and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Although some of the methods involve the actual method that you use when you're trying to get pregnant, others require that you have a good knowledge of your cycle, which is something that you should probably spend a few months analyzing; other sections of the book address your diet, which you need to address and adjust long before you actually begin the process.

Baby Gender Selector Positions

Most people are not aware that the different sexual positions that can be used when trying to get pregnant have more impact than just on the experience itself. The reason for this is that the male sperm are faster swimmers but die more quickly, while the female sperm are larger, but slower.

If you want to conceive a girl, you want it to take a little longer for the sperm to actually reach the egg so that you can give the male sperm time to die and the female sperm a chance to outlive them. That means that your sexual position should make sure that sperm are delivered, but as far away from the egg as possible, so a shallower sexual position should be chosen.

Conversely, if you are trying to have a boy, the Baby Gender Selector program encourages you to use a sexual position that places the male sperm as close to optional positioning next to the egg as possible.

Baby Gender Selector Diet

One of the nicest things about the Baby Gender Selector e-book is that instead of just giving you a few of the techniques that have been discovered for how to have a boy or a girl - it gives you all of them. This includes a lot of helpful information on how your diet can impact the sex of your baby by affecting the alkalinity or acidity of your vagina.

Overall, the book provides the four most important factors that you need to know in a simple to understand, step-by-step set of instructions.

You can get started on your path to the boy or girl you want right away, as the book is available for immediate download for just twenty seven dollars, and if it turns out that you don't feel completely satisfied with the information you can get your money back within sixty days with no questions asked.

Baby Gender Selector

Not only have the program's creators worked to offer all of the available information, but they have priced the program at a lower cost then the other programs currently on the market.

Baby Gender Selector Technique

The information provided in the Baby Gender Selector e-book covers everything from the Shettles Method to the different impact that sexual positions can have on the gender of your baby.

If you are getting ready to try to conceive, and are interested in choosing whether you have a boy or a girl, you need to know and understand all of the different techniques so that you can start preparing yourself long before you actually try to conceive.

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